Dr Timothy Rittman

My interest lies in understanding how neurodegenerative disease progresses through the brain, in particular why neurodegenerative disease affect the brain in predictable patterns. To do this I develop computer models of disease processes using imaging, pathology and genetic data. I also have a strong interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning methods, and how they can be used in clinical practice, particularly in NHS memory clinics. My clinical interest is in cognitive neurology. I am part of the Addenbrookes Memory clinic, I run the Disorders of Movement and Cognition Clinic for people with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy and Cortical Syndrome, and I run the Dementia Genetics clinics alongside Dr Simon Holden (geneticist) for families of people with genetic forms of dementia.

I am Specialty Lead for Neurodegeneration for the NIHR East of England Local Clinical Research Network, I am co-lead of the Deep Phenotyping for Dementia (DEMON) Network’s Imaging Working Group, and I am East of England Research Representative for the Association of British Neurologists. I have an interest in public engagement with science through the arts as the scientific adviser to the Folkestone Festival of the Brain, and I am an adviser to the Steering Committee for the World Young Leaders in Dementia.