2023 Neuroimaging

24th October 2023
Sophia Gardens, Cardiff

Empowering Research

Join us for our first Neuroimaging Symposium where we will address Big Data in neuroimaging, it’s the challenges and solutions, the Clinical Applications of neuroimaging and AI in neuroimaging.

Promoting innovative approaches for researchers

Insightful presentations from leaders and early careers

Engage in panel discussions with the brightest minds in neuroscience

Nurture long lasting networks for collaboration

Neuroimaging is an important area of Neuroscience that promises to unlock insights into cognition, emotion, and neurological disorders, revolutionising our understanding of the mind and paving the way for personailised treatments and interventions.

This is an exciting time, we are seeing rapid scientific discovery and innovation within this field and we are thrilled to be able to bring both leaders and early career researchers together to promote peer learning, collaboration and insightful discussions, which may in turn influence policies and future practices. In there commitment to support and develop early career researchers, DPUK, BNA and SeRPUK have come together to fund the event to cover all registration fees to support early career researchers to be able attend.